A prospering year for Swedish design

In 1956 IKEA starts selling furniture in flat packs. The classic car, Volvo Amazon, is launched. That same year the first dishwasher for domestic use was presented. Three events of major importance for Swedish homes and Swedish design. In 1956, we begin to weave plastic rugs in the small village of Horred. Plastic rugs which has since then only grown in popularity.

When the company Hemslöjdsalster in 1956 came across a batch of raincoats that was not sold, they soon had the idea to use them for something completely different – Horredsmattan was born. Carpets that come to stand for Swedish tradition, for the opportunity to furnish with stylish carpets of high quality.

At our little factory in Horred, both our staff and the building itself have a strong history of craftsmanship. Patterns are designed here with a focus on our Swedish roots, while also taking inspiration from around the world. Rugs are woven using traditional techniques by people with unique skills and a passion for handicrafts.